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This Site is Dedicated to all the Junior  Recruit's of the 10th Intake.

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History of  the 10th Intake

During the first week of January.1965, two hundred and four  15 to 16 year old boys from all over Australia arrived at H.M.A.S Leeuwin situated at Fremantle, Western Australia  to commence their Naval Career for a minimum of 12 years, this was the beginning of the 10th Intake. ( Press Play to View Video)

Over the next twelve months  these boys  were instructed in further educational  subjects, also seamanship,navigation, drill, physical activities  and  discipline. After having successfully completing  and passing all requirements during the  previous twelve months one hundred and seventy five   Passed Out as young men and  were transferred to sea going ships as Ordinary Seaman and later transferred to various location to undertake specialist  training in their chosen fields and  many went on to have long and enjoyable careers in the Navy with  a  number  reaching Commissioned Officers Rank.